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Relay Servers Around the World

Professional DevOps Experience.

24/7 Monitoring and Support


Above all others, BSP is a guardian of the Cardano Network.


To prevent a 51% attack on the Cardano network all precautions have been taken to secure BSP and its private keys. The server is a bare metal system assembled and configured from scratch with all security best practices applied.
Cold keys are stored offline , encripted and never come into contact with an internet enabled device!


The Status of the Pools and Nodes Displayed is in real time and unfiltered.  Daily reports  are published on twitter and facebook, with exact numbers for the current and next epoch. All fee changes are announced in advance over all communication channels of BSP (Email, Twitter And Telegram).


To maximize ROI, the most important factor is not missing the chance to create a block. An extesive network of Cardano-nodes on site and around the world ensures we will always be online!


BSP is committed to price-match the current market. 
We are launching BSP with 1%  Margin and minmum fixed fees (350 ADA)


BSP is located on the Island of Cyprus. And actively plays a large role on the Geographical decentralization of the Cardano network. With relay servers around the world we help make the network faster and easyer to use for everyone!

Delegator First

With BSP you will get a stress free and comfortable staking experience, with long term peak performance and fees adjusting in line with the market. You will never need to move to another pool.

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